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Welcome to E.R. Investing! We are happy that you are here and hope to get you started on investing. We are a discord service that is here to help you make smart plays on the market and help you become comfortable and confident on the market! Join today let’s get you started! 📈🌱


We offer a $25/mo plan or a $125/6mo plan! We accept payment on PayPal, select “subscribe” under whichever plan works better for you. If you do not have a PayPal account continue as guest and it will allow you to pay . These plans are priced low to be affordable for everyone and to not be a burden on anyone! Join today! We want to help grow your wealth not be a financial burden.

Our Service

We have helped everyone who has joined make money on the market so far! Everything is a learning experience and we are here for you through the good and bad. What makes us different from other “services” is just the plain fact that we are not a scam or a scheme. We are sharing REAL information to benefit YOU. We care about each and everyone of our members! If you’d like more information please contact us. We hope you choose E.R. Investing



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